The School Day

A Melrose Learning Trust School

At 8.45am the school gates are opened and children are allowed to come into school. At 8.55am the
school bell rings for the start of the school day.
We ask that if possible you walk to school with your child to reduce congestion around the school, as well
as to encourage an active lifestyle.

8.45am – 8:55am Children come into school
8.55am – 9.00am Registration
9.00am –10.30am Learning time
10.30am – 10.55am Morning Break
10.55am – 12 noon Learning time EYFS and KS1
10.55am – 12.25pm Learning time KS2
12 noon – 13.15pm YR and KS1 lunch
12.25pm – 13.15pm KS2 lunch
13.15pm – 15.20pm Afternoon learning time
15.20pm End of school day