Welcome to Year 2

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We are Maple Class Year 2 and our teacher’s name is Miss Purves.

Our Curriculum

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Gallery of Learning

Commando Joes 26.1.22

English: Inference 2.11.21

Today we have had a debate in character as Lila and Lalchand from Phillip Pulman’s novel: A Fire Workmaker’s Daughter. Lalchand is the father and does not want Lila his daughter to become a firework maker. We used empathy and listening skills to form an inference and then used the text to prove our point.

D&T: Cooking wb: 02.09.21

This week we have been looking at seasonal food. We have researched how importing food has a negative environmental and economic impact on the world. We have looked at different seasonal food in the UK and have made an apple crumble using British apples. We have learned how to handle kitchen equipment safely and hygienically. We discussed the importance of hygiene around food, particularly now. We discuss how to be safe when using an oven and what to do if we have hurt ourselves. We know not to cook at home without asking an adults permission first.

To practise all of our skills, we have made and apple crumble and also a fruit skewer. Have a look at our delicious creations!

Week commencing 14.12.2020

Week commencing 30.11.2020

We have been practising our historical research skills this week by using a range of sources to find out who might have been the first European to step foot on North America. Each group made a poster trying to convince the class that the person they had researched was the first. We looked at: General Zheng He, Leif Eriksson, Chrsitopher Columbus and St Brendan. We have decided that it was mostly likely…..Leif Eriksson!

In RE we have been preparing for Advent and we have made an advent box. Each day there is a random act of kindness inside which a child is chosen to perform.

In Maths we are looking at money, we started off our week by making ourselves a purse of coins. We have been able to use this purse throughout the week to: order money, count money and select money that is the same amount. We have really enjoyed using concrete resources to help us in our learning!

PSHCE/RSHCE 19.11.2020

This week is road safety week. We went for a virtual visit of the fire station and discussed the ways we can stay safe. We discussed lollipop ladies and men, how to look twice, listen and walk across roads and how important it is to wear a helmet and protective clothing when we are cycling or on our scooters. Then we designed our own road safety posters to help promote what we have learned.

PSHCE /RSHCE: 11.11.2020

This week we have been looking at Remembrance Day and why we wear poppies. We have looked at when the first Remembrance day was and where the wars were fought. We learned that poppies grew over the battlefields in Flanders. Now the Royal British Legion sells poppies to help raise money for soldiers who have returned from war. We then listened to some stories from Mrs Kirkwood about her great-great grandfather who enlisted but was only 16 so he was not officially registered. He gave the ultimate sacrifice and because he lied about his age, he is not on any war memorials. The ‘There but Not There’, charity raises money for soldiers like this. Then we completed a 2 minutes silence at 11 o’clock and listened to The Last Post. After that, we looked at the medals from Miss O’Neil and designed our own medals similar to her great-great-great grandfather’s medals. Mr Appleby joined us to listen to Miss O’Neil’s grandma talk about her wartime experience. She was in put in front of a firing squad and buried alive in Dresden. We also made clay poppies, designed, and made a poppy mobile to hang in a window. After that, we made poems and did a potato print design of a poppy along with a soldier’s name.

Hoopstarz day 7/10/2020

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