Our Curriculum

A Melrose Learning Trust School

Our Whole School Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum is designed with our school vision at its forefront:

“May we give them the roots to grow and the wings to fly.”

Through this vision, children are given a strong foundation (roots) to their education.  This then enables our children to develop their knowledge and skills to become independent learners ready for each step in their educational journey (wings to fly).

Our curriculum meets all the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum for England (DfE, 2013) as well as reflecting our particular needs as a small village community with a proud mining heritage.

Our curriculum builds on prior knowledge to enable our children to be confident, independent and resilient young people with strong Christian Values. It teaches them about their local community and heritage and gives them a sense of pride in where they live.

Our curriculum allows children to understand that the United Kingdom is very diverse and that not everywhere in the world is the same as Easington Village.

We teach our children to be safe and prepare them as thoroughly as possible for the next stage in their learning. We provide them with precious, memorable experiences that enhance their learning, develop a wide skill set and instil passion and interest.

It also includes the ‘RESPECT curriculum’, which includes the explicit teaching and learning of key life skills and the development of personal qualities such as respect, empathy, self-awareness, passion, excellence, communication and teamwork. The children learn from the way they are treated and expected to behave as a result of our strong Christian vision, associated values and nurturing ethos. We teach children how to grow into positive, responsible citizens, who can work and co-operate with others.

Ultimately, we want our children to be happy, enjoy learning and feel fully ready for the next step in their life journey.


Our RESPECT Curriculum (in response to COVID 19 Pandemic)

Our RESPECT Curriculum Sept 21


Curriculum Rationales

Underpinning our curriculum is the Curriculum Intent: all the things we believe are important for our pupils, what makes our context unique and how we intend to achieve our aims through a learning offer that is relevant, planned and progressive. Find out more in our Curriculum Intent document, available to download below.

Our ‘Long Term Plans’ show each year group’s overview of topics and curriculum learning. These are currently under review over the coming year, (2020-21) and we look forward to sharing them with you as each subject is considered and planned for. New medium term planning reflecting our Curriculum Intent, can be viewed on our Curriculum Plans page.

You can view or download our Curriculum Plans to see our learning in school. See the curriculum in action by visiting the Our Classes section of our website.




Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

At Easington C of E Primary School we believe that inclusive education means providing all pupils with appropriate education and support alongside their peers. The Curriculum is all the planned activities that the school organises in order to promote learning, personal growth and development. Further information can be found in the SEN Information Report. If you would like to discuss your SEND requirements in detail please contact the school to arrange an appointment.

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