Pupils – What you need to know

A Melrose Learning Trust School

We are looking forward to welcoming back all the children. A virus called Coronavirus has meant that we have had to stay home to stay safe. This Playmobil video helps to explain what the virus is and why we have had to stay at home.

But now we have been working hard to open our school for children.   Some year groups (Year Reception, Year 1 and Year 6) are now allowed to come back into school however, things look a little different.

When you arrive at school you will:

  • Notice some hoops on the yard that helps to keep everyone a safe distance from each other.  Children are invited into school one by one by a Teaching Assistant.
  • You need to use a tissue to blow your nose or when you cough or sneeze. You will be asked to wash your hands after this.
  • When you are in class you will notice that the desks are more spaced out – this is because we have to keep a safe distance from other people.
  • When it is time for lunch you will eat your lunch in the classroom
  • You will be spending a lot of time outside for outdoor learning and playing! The adults working in school will explain the areas you can play in. You’ll need to play apart from friends but you can still have fun!
  • If you feel unwell you must tell an adult straight away so we can look after you.