Information from Easington Academy for our Year 6 children – 22/06/20

A Melrose Learning Trust School

Afternoon Year 6,

I hope that you have all had a lovely weekend. Thank you to everyone who has handed in their art work and also their poem. There have been some amazing pieces of work submitted - well done! If you have not submitted your work yet you can email it to us at

In the next couple of weeks you will find out which tutor group you will be in when we return to school and also which house group.

Our houses are really important to us as they are linked to Easington's mining heritage. The link to the history powerpoint will let you know the names of our houses and why we chose them. Perhaps you can discuss some of the slides with your relatives.There is also a video explaining how to produce a powerpoint presentation.

Click on this link for both presentations

Our houses are below and they all have their own colour. Your house group will compete for points, especially when we have sporting events and other competitions.






Your task

We would like you to produce a powerpoint presentation of no more than 8 slides. The instructions for what you need to include are on the last slide of our presentation. We have also put a video on our website on how to create a powerpoint. You can find it here along with a copy of the History Department powerpoint.

We are really looking forward to seeing your work.

Take care

Mrs Martin

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