Back to school tomorrow…..

A Melrose Learning Trust School

Good afternoon everyone,

I would just like to clarify a final few points for children starting back tomorrow.


PE will commence from Monday 7th September. PE bags will not be allowed in school. On the days children have PE they will come to school in their PE kit and remain in their kit for that day. Please see below which day your child will be having their PE lesson. On the day specified, children will be doing two PE sessions (all afternoon) to satisfy the two hours of PE required per week. The guidance states that PE should be done outside when possible, therefore unless the weather is extremely poor, children will be having their PE lessons outside. We therefore recommend children wearing tracksuit bottoms and a long sleeve top as opposed to shorts and a t-shirt.

Monday - Ms Lilley's Class Tuesday - Miss Defty and Miss O'Neil's Class Wednesday - Mrs Appleby's Class Thursday - Mr Churchill's Class


A letter from your child's class teacher will be circulated in the coming weeks to clarify expectations around homework and reading for each class.


As lunchtimes are being staggered for the foreseeable future, children in Y4/5/6 will be getting their lunch at a slightly later time than last academic year. Can I request that children bring in a substantial, healthy snack that they can eat during morning playtime.

Beginning and end of school day:

Please can I highlight and confirm some important points mentioned on the Autumn Term Provision document that was distributed to parents in the summer term.

  • When arriving at school in their designated time slot, children will leave their parents on the yard and proceed straight into class via the entrances listed below. - Ms Lilley's Class (9:10-9:20am) - parents enter the school site via the side gate onto the yard and Ms Lilley will be at the Reception gate to welcome children - Miss Defty's Class (8:55-9:05am) parents enter the school site via the side gate and children will enter school through the MAIN ENTRANCE - Miss O'Neil's Class (8:40-8:50am) parents enter the school site via the side gate and children will enter the school through the MAIN ENTRANCE - Mr Churchill's Class (8:55-9:05am) parents enter the school site via the Car Park gate and children will enter school through the SIDE GATE NEXT TO THE MUGA - Mrs Appleby's Class (8:40-8:50am) parents enter the school site via the Car Park gate and children will enter school through the SIDE GATE NEXT TO THE MUGA
  • Please see the details below regarding the end of the school day. Monday to Thursday:
    Time Car park entrance Side gate
    3.25pm Mrs. Appleby’s class Miss. O’Neil’s class
    3.15pm Mr. Churchill’s class Miss. Defty’s class
    3.05pm Ms. Lilley’s class
    Time Car park entrance Side gate
    2.15pm Mrs. Appleby’s Year 5s Miss. O’Neil’s Year 3s
    2.20pm Miss. Defty’s class
    2.30pm Mr. Churchill’s class Ms. Lilley’s class
    Year 2 and Year 6 will have Booster Class from 2.30-3.30pm on a Friday and from 3.30-4.30pm on a Wednesday.  This will start from week commencing 7th September.
  • Please ensure children are dropped off and collected at the times provided above. A reminder please that parents/carers will not be allowed into school when dropping off and collecting children. If parents need to speak to a member of staff, please contact the school to arrange an appointment.
  •  We also strongly encourage parents to maintain social distancing when standing on the school yard.
  Personal possessions  Please note children will be provided with all stationary by the school.  Due to the guidance given please can I request that children do not bring in any personal items from home e.g. toys/games etc.  Children only need to bring the following into school:
  • Packed lunch - (if applicable). For those children choosing to have a packed lunch, they are allowed to bring their lunch into school in a packed lunch box rather than disposable bags which was the case during the summer.
  • A water bottle (labelled with the child's name)
  • A coat
  • A snack (snack will be provided by school for EYFS/Year 1 and Year 2 but children are welcome to bring their own).
Many thanks with your cooperation and support with all of the above points. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

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